Zion in the Beginning

Photo by Ben Jackson

Photo by Ben Jackson

Over the course of the last 250 million years, Zion National Park has been formed into the beautiful area that it is today. Throughout these years, many different natural forces have acted upon the area to create the natural formations and landmarks that make the park so special.

Landmarks in Zion National Park

There are many different landmarks and formations that bring guests to Zion National Park. The steep cliffs, narrow canyons, lush, green plateaus, and flowing river are all part of what makes Zion such a gorgeous place to visit.

The current features of Zion National Park have a prehistoric foundation. When guests look upon the incredible landscape they are experiencing millions of years of history right before their eyes. Thinking about the roots of this area while exploring it gives guests a whole different perspective and appreciation for how incredible Zion truly is.

The Forces that Formed Zion

There are many different natural forces that acted upon this area to make it what it is today. The combination of natural forces is what makes the Zion landscape vary so greatly. While one force was carving the canyons, another was raising peaks and plateaus.
As the water eroded the rock, creating canyons and valleys, the crust underwent uplift, which forced to surface of the earth up thousands of feet in some areas. This is just part of the reason that Zion has such a unique landscape.

Prehistoric Beauty at Zion

Historians, geologists, outdoorsmen and women, and many other groups of people consider Zion one of the most exciting places to explore. The huge variety of geological formations, the rich history of natives and settlers, and the multitude of outdoor adventures make it an incredible place to visit. The 250 million years of formation has resulted in beautiful perfection at Zion, so anyone who has the chance to visit this incredible park should do so.

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