Lodging in Zion

Places to Stay in Zion

People from around the world flock to Zion each year to explore its beautiful landscape. The countless activities to try and adventures to embark on make Zion the perfect place to visit. In between those excursions, travelers will need a place to rest and gear up for the next exciting day. This is where the lodging options at Zion come into play.
Zion offers guests wonderful places to stay, right in the middle of the action. Two of the most popular places to stay at the Zion Lodge and the campgrounds at Zion. Both options provide a safe place to rest and recharge without traveling far from Zion. With these great choices, every guest will be able to find the perfect place to stay while enjoying one of the most popular national parks in the world.

Zion Lodge

Zion National Park, Utah Photo by Steven dosRemedios

Zion National Park, Utah Photo by Steven dosRemedios

Zion Lodge offers a huge range of lodging options to guests. They can choose to stay in cabins, hotel rooms, suites, and even accessible rooms for those who need them. Every option has different amenities, but some of the most common are large, comfortable beds, fireplaces, televisions, kitchenettes, and more. These options provide a clean, cozy area for guests to retire to. Staying at Zion Lodge is a great way to improve an already wonderful trip to Zion.

Zion Campgrounds
There are two fantastic campgrounds open to travelers in Zion. Guests can choose between South and Watchman Campgrounds when staying in Zion. These campgrounds fill up fast, so it’s important for campers to make reservations or arrive early to secure a site.
South Campground is located about a half a mile from the South Entrance of the park. It boasts 117 campsites and is a very popular place for campers at Zion.
Watchman Campground is about a quarter mile from the South Entrance of Zion. There are 176 campsites, two wheelchair accessible sites, and six group sites. Many campers choose Watchman as their “home base” while exploring Zion.

Stay in Zion
Staying in Zion is not just another vacation, it is the opportunity to explore a beautiful landscape and make unforgettable memories. With great places to rest between adventures, there is no reason not to visit Zion.

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