Lambs Knoll

When embarking on an epic adventure away from the hustle and bustle of life we use nature to give us a refresher course on what is really important in life. Of all of the mountain sports there lies a place where everyone gets to shine in their own way every day they are brave enough to explore the experience. For the breadth of all of what Zion National Park has to offer their lies a place to learn and explore what it takes to be safe for the peaks and the canyons all around the park. Like a Lamb, Lamb’s Knoll is the place to begin.  


When one person has a fear show up. Fear of not having cell service. Fear of getting stuck between two rocks. Fear of slipping while walking. Fear of snakes. Fear of getting a stick in the eye. Fear of getting a stick in the butt. Fear of Falling. Fear of Yelling at the Kids. Fear of Not Yelling at the Kids. Fear of No Flushing Toilets.  All of these are amplified when we go to the mountain with the people that we care about.


If you want to fortify your team you will need tools to make sure everyone feels safe, and only then will they gain power.

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